What is Brain Day? 

Parachute Canada’s Brain Day (formerly ThinkFirst) is one of Canada's most successful injury prevention awareness initiatives involving scientists, university students, community volunteers and thousands of school children from across the country. The program delivers neuroscience-based education sessions that promote students’ interest in the human brain and nervous system, and empowers them to use their brains to protect their bodies.

 We organize a half-day program for middle school students during the months of March, April and May each year. Using hands-on techniques, interactive discussions and fun experiments, students are engaged in discovering the science and wonders of the human brain, how it works, and how injuries can permanently affect the body.

 Brain Day is a wonderful experience for both students and volunteers and there is a long list of classrooms that have requested to have a Brain Day presentation. If you think you would like to teach Brain Day in a classroom near you, please join our listserv and register to be an official volunteer! We look forward to having you as part of our team!


Executive Team

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