Brain Waves (formerly known as "Brain Day") is a brain injury prevention program organized by Parachute Canada. The program promotes brain safety awareness by educating elementary school students in basic functional neuroanatomy and discussing ways to protect against brain injuries. Last year, we reached more than 2000 students in the city of Toronto!

Our goal each year is to expand the program to reach more students, and that means we need more Brain Waves Instructors. THAT’s YOU! Brain Waves Instructors are undergraduate, graduate, or medical students who volunteer to teach Brain Waves activity sessions in local elementary school classrooms. The curriculum is fun, interactive, and it has received rave reviews from students, teachers, and volunteers.

Do you want to facilitate Brain Waves presentations this year?

To get involved, make note of our events this school year:

Brain Waves Trivia night for new and returning volunteers, as well as anyone who is interested and would like to learn more about Brain Waves: November 24, 2016, 5:30-8pm in the Cumberland Room at the Centre for International Experience (33 St. George Street)

Training Sessions 2017: February, exact date and location TBA

What does it mean to be involved in Brain Waves?

All we ask for is your energy and enthusiasm as you dedicate at least one morning or afternoon during Spring 2017. You will go with a partner, so don't worry, this will be FUN!

Our Training session will give you step by step instructions on how to share our program to an elementary school classroom.
You're going in there to show them how marvelous their brains are and HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO PROTECT THEM!
There is no cure for brain damage so PREVENTION is the name of the game!


We have grown EXPONENTIALLY! Just imagine:

In 2005 –We had only 10 presenters (Brain Waves was only available at the St. George Campus) Today, we have HUNDREDS of presenters ALL ACROSS CANADA! We've reached THOUSANDS and thousands of children!

Because of you, we are helping save and protect lives through the message of brain injury prevention!

We CAN'T do this without YOU!
We make sure to reimburse any costs of transportation you need for the presentation.

Please take a quick look at our slide show for an overview of the information session. Most information is available on our website. If there is any additional information that you require, e-mail us and we will reply promptly!

IMPORTANT: READ your TEACHER's MANUAL BEFORE the Training Sessions!  It is available under the "Tools" section of our website!